Saturday, November 18, 2017

Reminders 11/18/17

Hello Everyone!
Thank you for meeting for conferences! It was so great meeting with you! Report cards were sent home yesterday and they are blank due to conference notes that were given out at conferences! Please check out the format of the report cards and then sign the envelope and return it to school. Friday Folders will be sent home on Tuesday at the end of our short week!
Here are some upcoming Dragonfly Events:
Monday- Visit from Wildlife Encounters in the morning.
Tuesday- 2nd Grade rotation day with a focus on community.
There will be no school Wednesday-Friday for Thanksgiving Break!

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Newsletter and Field Trip Reminder 🚌💨

Hello Everyone!
We had a great week and a half of learning! We have been really challenging ourselves and having a great time while doing it! We have a field trip as soon as we return to school on Monday the 13th! Second grade teachers are asking that students come with a lunch from home on Monday if possible, as we are switching our lunch time when we come back from our field trip and eating in our classroom. Students will be able to get lunch from the cafeteria if needed!
Book Fair
The SMS Book Fair will run from November 27th to December 1st in the library! I will let you know what day our class will venture to the book fair if you would like to meet us there or send your child with money if you wish! Here is a link for more infomration:

We have been venturing into the world of subtraction and our first strategy that we have been working with has been using a number line to help us. Students have been using number lines to count by fives, tens and twenties! We use number lines that have given numbers on them but we also use open number lines and create our own tool to help us solve! The students have been working so hard to try different strategies to figure out which ones work best for them! We are also working on explaining our thinking and getting speedy with our math facts. As we work our way into trickier subtraction problems, we are using our knowledge of place value to help us solve as well!
Nonfiction reading has been so fun. Did you know your child is an expert?! They have been learning so much about their topics of choice by looking at multiple texts on one topic and seeing what is the same and different. We even added on to books we thought could add more information that we already knew! Besides feeling really cool- I've noticed the students really take ownership in their learning as they research their interests. Now we are ready to teach others. We have started our celebration for this unit- an artistic, fact filled way to share our knowledge with others! Stay tuned for your dragonfly's creation!
We have looked at nonfiction as authors and are in full force creating our expert books! We have learned so much about facts vs. opinions while writing nonfiction books! We have also learned how author's of nonfiction can still hook their readers with amazing facts, pictures and diagrams.
Social Studies
We have entered our community unit and we have taken a trip back in the past to learn about how communities have changed. We began learning about some of the first communities on our land. We have learned about Plymouth Plantation and what life was like in 1620 as a child. We have also talked about life during the colonial times to link with our Strawberry Banke field trip that the students are SO excited for. We then began to talk about our community of Stratham. We are noticing some huge differences between communities from the past and our community now. We also noticed that some things stay the same, which has been quite interesting!
Dragonfly News
Thank you so much for meeting with me at conferences! I can't wait to finish up this week with some families! I have loved sharing progress with you. Thank YOU for letting me share my days with these amazing learners!

School to Home Talk:
How does jumping on a number line help you solve an equation?
What animal did you paint pictures of for your celebration in reading?
How many pumpkins seeds did you estimate during pumpkin math? How many did your pumpkin have?
What was your strategy for counting your pumpkin seeds?
If you were a kid in the 1620's what would your day be like?
Would you rather live in a community like Plymouth Plantation or Stratham?
When you were your own teacher in math, what kinds of things did you add to your test to get 4 stars?