Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Academic Update

Happy Days
We've had some happy days in 2D with SO much learning! It seems like we have had our best weeks yet academically and we are covering so much of our curriculum! We've had visitors from nearby schools that have heard about the work we do and they have left inspired to share what they saw with their students- pretty amazing stuff! There are some important dates coming up to remember: this coming Thursday is the MakerFest from 5:30-7:00, Monday the 21st is our Author's Tea at 9:00am, and Wednesday the 23rd is an early release day! Here's a look into the latest few weeks of our learning!
We wrapped up our telling time unit and the students went above and beyond to show off their knowledge during our final performance task. Students made schedules their dream school day, showing off their knowledge of time and elapsed time. We then moved onto  our geometry unit. We've been working on getting to know shapes and their attributes. We've talked about angles, parallel lines, vertices, shape names, and partitioning! We focused a lot on polygons this week and zoomed in on quadrilaterals to work on understanding attributes of these types of shapes. We have started the process of seeing how fractions work by breaking up shapes into equal parts. This is hard work but it's very fun!
Series book clubs couldn't be going better! We are closely reading, taking notes, and talking about our books with our clubs. We've payed close attention to how our characters respond to problems and what emotion we see them having. We used our emotion scale to further study what that means about that character. Using emoji stick notes, we held our thinking and were able to talk about our findings in our book club. As second grade comes to an end we will begin to revisit our reading habits and continue working on our personal reading goals. I am just amazed at the growth I see in these readers from week to week! 
You are in for a TREAT! We've been preparing for our Author's Tea and we can't wait to share our favorite pieces of writing from the year with you. The students have decided that they are going to be teachers for this event and give you a close look into what they were working on for each assignment. The students will also tell you what they would include if they were going to write this today.We've reread our writing and looked at it through a completely different lens now that we are such thoughtful writers. The students were blown away to see how far their writing has come. It's something to be very proud of! We've also been working on poetry and looking at everything with a poet's eye. We continue to search for strong words when writing poems so we can enhance the image people get when they read it. 
Plant Play 
We have started rehearsing for the second grade plant play. I apologize if these songs have already made it to your households but you will not be disappointed in our performance. Our class is taking on the role of "water". We will be wearing a blue top with jeans for the night of the performance. Second grade teachers are asking that families send in one dollar, if possible to cover the cost of our costume props. This show is June 7th at 6:30, mark your calendars! The plant play isn't the only thing that's blooming this spring- we've got radishes, swiss chard, peas, spinach, and beets growing in our section of the garden! 

Time and money bingo was a hit to celebrate our time unit coming to an end!

                          We've focused on these main ideas during our series book unit!


            The weather has finally brightened up which has been perfect for the start of our poetry unit!

                                        As always, we love our Mystery Readers! Thank you!

          We decided to take our favorite quality about ourselves and throw it around like confetti! We talked about how this quality has helped us in our learning journey. This growth mindset writing was fun and a little messy!

                    Our visitors left us some GREAT compliments after observing our reading time!

                After plotting our planting plan, we got a little dirty and did some planting! Now we wait...

                                  The Wellness Walk was on a perfect day! We had a great time!

                     We hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day gifts! The students worked so  hard!

                   It's TRUE! Mr. G and myself biked all the way from Portsmouth on bike to school day!

 ..The face you make when you are reading your writing from September! Holy cow, we've grown so much!